I think if I were to take a photo of myself everyday, I would look the most wrecked on Fridays. It’s funny because as a student in particular, Friday’s were my favourite days because I both got to see everyone at school, and have fun at night. Now I’m lucky to pull myself together in any kind of presentable way for the eight hours at the office.

I bring this up because LAST Friday we actually had plans after work. Jordan got us free tickets for the opening night performance of Chicago at one of Calgary’s top dinner theatres (I know, there are multiple?) – Stage West. The food and atmosphere was pretty standard dinner theatre fare, and we were joined by a handful of Jordan’s colleagues who I hadn’t met yet. Predictably, as most twenty-something guys don’t jump at theatre tickets, we were also the youngest ones at our table.
The interesting thing about the experience is the fact Jordan and I both saw Chicago in London’s West End several years ago, with Kelly Osborne in the Mama Morton role (immortalized by Queen Latifah on film). To parallel that, I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and at Winnipeg’s Rainbow Stage. It’s definitely hard to compare the two from a world-class venue to a smaller-scale stage, but I’ll say that Stage West did a decent job. Unlike the West End version, they channelled much of their stage direction and characters from the movie version (which has a slightly different feel than the source material), which gave it a slightly different spin than what we’d previously seen. It was a solid show throughout, with a few minor wobbly moments.

Over the weekend, we basically just ran around like we seem to all the time lately. Jordan worked on Saturday, so I spent several hours working on my blog and finishing up the book I was reading.

On Sunday, we ended up at The Core so I could buy a much-needed pair of sandals in anticipation of warmer weather, and I ended up finding my wedding shoes as well. We also trekked out to a development in the SW that we’ve been to before so we could snap up groceries (yay for PC Points making my grocery bill a solid $6 this week) and a new litterbox for the ever-picky Scotch cat.

More notably before that, we decided to brave the crowds and try to get into one of Calgary’s three most bustling brunch spots in the NE. There are others, to be fair, but the three in that one particular region are all hot-to-trot. After seeing line-ups for all of them, we decided to try our luck at OEB – the Over Easy Breakfast Co. if I’m not mistaken. Their specialty is eggs – the entire front page of the expansive menu is eggs. The back however offered several options for pancakes and waffles (best known as my favourite weekend foods), and I got these MASSIVE chocolate chip pancakes that were quite delicious, and Jordan got a yummy crepe that he declared wasn’t quite as tops as Chez Tess in Halifornia (so there). It’s worth noting that breakfast took a good 45-minute wait to even get seated, although the food was served up right quick. Would I do it again? Sure, but I’d like to try the other brunch spots in town first, and ideally get an earlier start to hopefully cut down on the line-ups.

This week I was tied up in corporate meetings, which took me to the neighbourhood of Eau Claire, which is essentially the northernmost point of downtown. It’s strangely peaceful despite being just a block north of the more hustle & bustle streets of downtown Calgary. The streets and sidewalks all seem newly paved, there are far less cars and people, and of course, you’re right against the riverfront area. I’d love to live up there, although from what I understand you have to be prepared to haul out the car a bit more if you ever want to say, grab groceries. It has a few services and shops, but nothing major.

Yesterday I was feeling restless, so Jordan came down for lunch. We had limited time and ended up just going to a spot around the corner from my office called The Pita Basket. It’s a fast serve Lebanese-type restaurant with various types of pitas primarily. I got a falafel wrap and Jordan got a falafel platter and I’ll certainly say you get a lot of nosh for your buck, and tasty at that. We ended up taking a walk around afterward and Jordan showed me a park just a few blocks from my office, I believe it’s called Prince’s Island Park. The weather was quite nice in the sunshine yesterday and I can only imagine how beautiful that park will be once the greenery shows up again. I’m definitely planning to make some repeat visits once the weather officially heats up.

Oh, and we ended up picking up our registry gifts last night, a rather hilarious exercise because our rental is rather cramped as it is, and the owners want to do a showing of it this weekend. We’ve managed to tuck everything away, which resulted in quite frankly one of the best Scotch moments I’ve had since buying him. I noticed an unused mesh garbage can with a bag in it tucked away in Jordan’s closet and told him to take it out so we could stash some gifts in there. Upon doing so, Scotch sauntered into the room, and in a gallant attempt to be graceful and adventurous, ended up face planting into the bottom of the not-very-deep bin, before quickly realizing he was NOT going to fit, back paws kind of flailing for a moment, and then somehow shifting his little body down so he could get enough leverage to slither out front side up. The entire thing lasted no longer than five seconds, but it was EPIC.

To that end, I’m looking forward to slowing things down this weekend. It seems every day we’ve been running around, and while it’s great to get to know the city, I’m hoping to find some time to really focus on a bunch of things I’ve been neglecting…including just getting to shut my brain down for a bit. The projected beautiful weather is just a sweetener to the deal.


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